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Alamo Fencing Academy 

Alamo Fencing Academy was founded in 2004 by Coach Andrei Samorodov. Since then Coach Andrei has made this academy one of the top in the nation! With kids competing locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - Coach Andrei has coached over 100 students to National and International medalists. 

Alamo Fencing Academy focuses on the well being of all of its fencers. From youngest to oldest members, from recreational to international competitors, we make sure everyone fits in and has a good time at AFA! 

We want everyone to LOVE the sport of fencing. We want everyone to feel like a FAMILY at AFA. We strive for great results at tournaments, but also for all fencers to be happy, confident and do their best in all of their activities. Strong athletes are strong people - mentally, physically. 

AFA is not just a sports club, it is a way of life! 

History of AFA


Universities Our Fencers Have Attended and Fenced For

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