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2024 Summer Camps

3 Days

June 3-5

June 10-12
June 17-19

August 5-7

August 12-14


9:00AM - 4:00PM Daily


$350 Non MEMBERS


Ages 6+ 

Great time to learn the sport of fencing, learn and improve new skills, workout and prepare for upcoming tournaments! 

Must wear athletic shoes, long athletic pants and workout shirt. 

Bring water/drinks and lunch. 





Register TODAY! 
Please send $100 Deposit with Child's Name to AFA! 

Parent/Guardian Name*

Email Address*

Child's Name and Age*


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AFA Fencing Camps -

Great for all ages and experience!

Whether you are a new fencer - wanting to learn the sport, or an advanced fencer - wanting to improve, SUMMER CAMPS ARE GREAT FOR YOU!

For beginners it is a wonderful way to JUMP into the sport of fencing. After being in the fencing gym for 3-5 days in a row, the fencer will truly know if they LOVE fencing! The days are filled with a lot of activities, but most importantly a LOT of fencing!

For advanced fencers the camps are a great way to work on skills, improve technique and be able to spend multiple days working on something in particular. The camps are a key part of competitive fencers - being in the gym, building your strength and skills, for multiple days in a row is the best way to improve. 

Camp Activities Include (but are not limited to)


-Jump Rope

-Coordination Activities

-Strength Workouts

-Agility Improvement

-Stretching  Focused Exercises 

-Aerobic Workouts

-Fencing Footwork

-Different ACTIVE Games 

-Fencing Target Work

-Fencing Drills

-Fencing Bouting

-Cool-off Exercises

Our main concern is the fencers' safety. 

ALL activities have been tested and approved for all ages. 

Birthday Parties at AFA!

What is more fun than getting to fence with your friends on your birthday? 

Our birthday parties are filled with lots of games, fencing activities and FENCING! 

We provide 2 hours of GREAT activities for all ages, tables and chairs, music of your choice. 

All you have to bring is food and drinks, the birthday boy or girl and all their friends! 


Pricing - 

10-15 Kids : $300

Each additional guest after 15 : $15

Birthday Parties at AFA!

Activities will depend on the ages of birthday boy/girl and guests! 

Parents are welcome to join - just let us know in advance.

Please contact us to reserve your spot.

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