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What The Parents Say

Female / 12 Y.O.

We have loved being at AFA from the first day we attended. The coaches are amazing and they build strong athletes who are confident and happy. The students share their skills with other students while improving their own skills. AFA feels like a family of fencer who enjoy being together. The coaches are caring and supportive and know each child by name. We feel blessed to have found this wonderful gym.

Female and Male / 8 Y.O.

Through AFA our children have learned determination, strategy and the importance of never giving up. They have gained a confidence that extends into school and their ability to work with and relate to other kids. The coaches are patient and supportive. Out children love AFA and fencing and we are forever grateful to the coaches for that.

Male 11 Y.O. / Female 15 Y.O.

AFA has taught my children how to be kind, generous but focused fencers. At AFA, fencers compete to be the best - they can be. Every fencer is treated with the same respect and dignity, regardless of whether they win or lose in events. AFA is where fencers train not just to be the best in the sport, but to be kind and respectful citizens. LOVE AFA.

Male / 15 Y.O.

We LOVE AFA, Coach Andrei and Coach Oksana. It is more than a fencing gym, it's a family. Fencing is hot the only skill taught, encouraged and nurtured. Kids learn respect for themselves and for others. They also learn focus, sharing their skills and work hard - no matter what. ADA is not just creating phenomenal fencers but wonderful humans! And don't think this is just for kids - adults are welcome too and you will never have a workout like this! I tried it myself - but my work schedule did not allow it. So happy to be a part of the AFA Family. 

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